How Allara increased Meta conversions by 1100%



Increase in Meta conversions Q2 YoY


Meta spend increase Q2 YoY


Meta Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Q2 YoY

Brand Story

Allara specializes in providing comprehensive hormonal health solutions for PCOS. Their dedicated team of experts, including OBGYNs, Endocrinologists, Nurse Practitioners, and Registered Dietitians, provide evidence-led care and specialist guidance. By combining lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, and medical expertise, Allara offers dynamic and adaptable treatment plans tailored to each individual's needs through a single platform.

The Situation

Allara partnered with H10 in May 2022. At the time, they had already cultivated a strong organic following on Instagram and TikTok. However, they were looking to ramp up their paid media efforts and scale their business.


Upon the onset of the engagement, we identified 3 key areas to help the Allara team achieve its goals:

1. Implement Dynamic UTMs
  • Legacy efforts leveraged a standard UTM structure, which limited the ability to attribute conversions to specific campaigns, audiences, or creatives.

  • As a result, we transitioned Allara’s UTMs to a dynamic structure, which enabled us to analyze performance of campaigns, audiences, and creatives within Google Analytics.

  • The end result: deeper insights, which allowed us to make optimizations on the fly. We’ve found this to be especially critical in a post-iOS 14.5 environment where in-platform data can be less trustworthy.

2. Double Down on Educational Creative
  • Given the nature of Allara’s product, there is a naturally longer consumer journey that requires time and thought from the end-customer. With this fact in mind, we prioritized using educational creatives that effectively communicated the product's features and benefits to aid in consumer decision making.

  • We leveraged Motion, a creative performance analytics tool, to assess which creatives were our top performers. Motion gave us a cohesive picture into which hooks worked best from a cost-efficiency perspective.

  • Key takeaway: when individuals have a clear understanding of Allara’s services and how it can positively impact their lives, they exhibit a greater potential to become subscribers.

3. Whitelisting
  • We identified whitelisting as an area of opportunity for Allara to diversify content and better connect with their audience.

  • In essence, our hypothesis was that authentic content from PCOS brand ambassadors could help build trust and engagement with Allara’s audience.

  • As such, we set out to whitelist 4-6 videos each month. We honed in on effective hooks and messaging that best resonated with the audience, while still allowing the influencer the room to speak from their own experience.

  • By using whitelisted ads and getting authentic content from influencers, we unlocked new insights into additional elements that resonated with Allara’s customers (which may not have been discovered by only doing Creative testing).

  • Whitelisted content was a key enabler to garnering favorable CPA levels, which ultimately helped the brand scale over time.



The Allara and HYPE10 partnership has been awesome. We've achieved incredible success together, and we're super excited about what the future holds!

Rachel Blank
CEO, Allara Health

I could not recommend HYPE10 more! I have worked with many growth marketers over the years, both in-house and agencies…HYPE10 is one of the best teams I have ever worked with. Since working with HYPE10, we’ve more than doubled our growth rate while also significantly improving our marketing efficiency. Not only are they experts at paid media strategies, but they give their clients the attention and care that make them feel like TRUE partners. Often, I forget they are an outside agency, because they feel like so much a part of our marketing team.


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