How Dose crushed
their 2023 Q1 goals



Rev Goals Surpassed


Change in Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)


Dose is an organic wellness shots brand formulated by leading scientific experts. The Brand came into fruition in 2020 with the vision to help people lead healthier lives. Their formulations are some of the most potent and effective in the wellness space.

The Situation

Dose was scaling consistently in 2021, however, the team believed they could scale more rapidly than the ongoing rate with their Paid Media existing partners. They hired H10 in December of 2021 to lead their new customer acquisition efforts in Paid Media with the intention of surpassing their existing MoM growth rate.


After performing an audit of Dose’s acquisition efforts, we identified 3 key areas of opportunity based on the Brand’s goals:

  • Implementation of a third party attribution software

  • Revamp of creative testing processes

  • Channel expansion into TikTok

With these three primary areas of focus, we went to work!
  • Implementation of a third party attribution software: As a preferred partner with Triplewhale, we enabled the new source of truth & began using the Pixel & Summary Page as our primary decision making platform. This allowed us to make data driven decisions in a post-iOS environment.

  • Implementation of a Creative Testing Process: We partnered with Dose to launch 5-8 ads each Monday across paid social platforms through a specific creative testing campaign. We afforded these assets the luxury of 10,000 impressions before determining if they should graduate into our evergreen efforts or be paused down. We helped Dose find suitable UGC partners that aided in providing quality content for our media buying efforts.

  • Channel expansion into TikTok: By January of 2022, we scaled TikTok investment that ultimately outgrew the level of investment in Google by 2x. We were able to scale this new acquisition channel through creative testing using micro influencers, in house talent from Dose, and additional UGC partners.



The partnership between Dose & H10 has been fruitful for both parties. Dose has been able to surpass their growth goals all while keeping CAC flat YoY. Both parties look forward to the partnership for years to come.

Vasu Goyal
Founder, Dose

I am grateful to have found Max and his team while in pursuit of searching for the right partner to help us achieve the next scale of growth. Until we started working with H10, my growth manager and I spent about half of our day managing strategies, media, and budgets with our then-existing partners. We were happy with the work our partners were doing but had to be in a position where we could be hands-off, and that required a lot of trust that we had to have in a partner, so we could actually become decision makers, supporters and a sounding board to our agency instead of micromanaging. Working with Max and H10 has not only done that but exceeded our expectations. Max and his team genuinely care so much about each business as if they were their own, and they showed us what true genius paid marketers are. I look forward to growing Dose with them for years to come!


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