How Feat increased revenue while maintaining ROI efficiency



Increase in November Rev


Increase in Paid Media Investment YoY

Brand Story

Feat’s mission is to create the most comfortable athleisure clothing in the world. Started in 2015, Feat set out to make clothing they loved, with comfortable styles for anything the day may bring. Over the years, Feat has expanded its product line from socks to hoodies, joggers, and much more. Feat is obsessed with comfort, versatility & quality. All of their clothing is designed to transition from your WFH outfit to your next adventure and anywhere in between.

The Situation

Feat had seen explosive growth in 2020; with the pandemic surging and most of the consumers in the US spending the majority of their time at home, the demand for WFH and comfort clothing was at a record high. Feat also had partnerships with influencers and TV personalities that saw massive success. Maintaining this growth rate in 2022 posed a new challenge, with higher ad delivery costs and a need to continuously produce captivating social content.


Late in 2022, we worked with the Feat team to address these challenges. Our approach was three-pronged:

  • 1. Analyze margin with the Feat team to understand the average profit margin per order

  • 2. Align on a site-wide ROAS with profitability as the key driver

  • 3. Ditch the traditional set budget per month approach and optimize for profitability

We also partnered with Feat to revamp their creative asset deployment process, primarily we:
  • 1. Produced creative briefs and sample boards to Feat on a scheduled cadence to decrease turnaround time on creative assets

  • 2. Collaboratively tested creative assets and evaluated competitor trends to ensure optimal messaging



These methodologies, combined with the partnership between Feat and H10’s teams, allowed for a 13% Increase in November Net Rev YoY, despite only 3% investment increase and 360% delivery cost increase. In addition, we maintained return on investment efficiency while scaling TikTok with increased investment by 1,000% in three weeks.

Taylor Offer
Founder, Feat

Max, Erwin and the H10 team are awesome. As someone who has worked with numerous agencies, it's rare to find an agency like H10 who actually cares.
They are expert digital marketers who actually give a $#!t, which is rare in today's age.


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