How Fulton grew Shopify sales by over 300%



Increase YoY in Shopify Sales in Q4 of 2022


Increase in Paid Media Investment YoY


Decrease in CAC

Brand Story

Fulton’s founders experienced back and foot pain for years. After trying different reactive treatments, including visiting chiropractors and podiatrists, they discovered that their pains were a result of their unsupportive shoes. They began searching for supportive insoles, but the options they found were confusing, ineffective, and unsustainable. So they set out to build Fulton, a modern brand of arch support designed to improve whole body wellness from the ground up.

The Situation

Fulton launched in 2021 after the iOS 14.5 update and struggled to find consistent new customer acquisition vehicles in the aftermath of Apple’s update. They decided to partner with HYPE10 to help them navigate the Paid Media ecosystem in March of 2022.


After our team performed an audit of Fulton’s acquisition efforts, we identified 3 key areas of opportunity to scale the brand at a faster rate:

  • Implement third party attribution software to allow for data driven decisions

  • Redesign the creative testing processes for optimal use of creative assets

  • Execute landing page testing to garner superior levels of scale and cost efficiencies

1. Using these 3 areas of focus as our guide, our team pressed forward:
  • We led the deployment of a third party attribution software to become the new source of truth. We began using the Pixel   Summary Page as our primary decision making platform. Utilization of this tool enabled us to make data driven decisions with higher degrees of confidence in a Post iOS environment.

  • We implemented a new creative testing process. We launched 3-5 ads at a scheduled cadence across paid social platforms following a creative testing campaign. These assets would garner 8,000 impressions before determining if they should graduate into our evergreen efforts.

  • We helped the Fulton team think through how best to bolster the performance of Landing Pages in order to garner superior levels of scale and cost efficiencies from our Paid Media efforts. We tested Listicles that focused on products, along with others that spoke to specific target demographics. We tested the efficacy of directing traffic to a quiz, in addition to a classic hero landing page.

  • Focusing on the post-click customer experience helped aid our ability to scale paid media efforts significantly.



Our partnership with Fulton has been a rewarding one. Fulton has grown their DTC business by 313% YoY in Q4 of 2022 with high expectations for the upcoming years.

Libie Motchan
Co-founder, Fulton

When we launched our business in early 2021, we thought we were doomed as a result of the iOS changes. After several months of hopelessly running paid media campaigns, we nearly gave up on the idea of achieving efficient customer acquisition costs through paid media… until we met HYPE10.

Within a few months, HYPE10 set up a new campaign structure and a framework for testing and iterating on creative ideas. They also serve as a great thought partner, suggesting new angles, messages and ways to improve our CRO and LTV.

Our CAC was quickly slashed, and one year later we’ve been able to grow the company over >400% and cut customer acquisition costs dramatically. We have no doubt that we’ll continue to grow and become more efficient over the year to come, all thanks to HYPE10


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