How Marine Layer increased Meta Return on Ad Spend by 60%



Increase in YoY Meta Spend


Increase in YoY Meta Return on ad Spend (ROAS)


Increase in YoY Meta Conversion volume

Brand Story

Marine Layer is a renowned clothing brand known for its absurdly soft shirts and commitment to sustainability. They’ve developed an impressive assortment of mens and womens casual clothing. Beyond their dedication to comfort & style, Marine Layer is deeply committed to sustainability through their Re-Spun initiative, striving to reduce textile waste and incorporate recycled materials throughout their entire clothing line.

The Situation

Marine Layer set lofty new customer acquisition (NCA) targets and were looking for a partner to help take them to the next level. In August 2022, Marine Layer partnered with HYPE10 to lead their Paid Social efforts on Meta.


After the onset of the engagement, we devised a new approach with Marine Layer, focusing on 4 key components.

1. Consolidate Existing Meta Ad Sets
  • After taking a look under the hood, we noticed that there were 35 active ad sets. The legacy reasoning for this was to ensure each creative concept received ample spend (in efforts to fully test each concept). The unintended outcome: spend was not allocated efficiently, which caused high cost per acquisition (CPA) levels.

  • We quickly restructured the account by decreasing the volume of ad sets down to 12. Why is this important? This allowed for better data aggregation and optimization and allowed for the accounts ad sets to exit the learning phase across the entirety of the account.

  • Instead of forcing spend into an ABO testing campaign for new ad concepts, we deployed new ads into the consolidated evergreen structure that we created. This allowed Facebook to determine which ad unit would generate the most cost effective conversions.

  • In doing so, we took a less traditional approach to creative testing for Marine Layer. Common practice tells us that we need to spend a minimum amount of money on each ad unit before determining whether an ad is a winner or a dud. For Marine Layer we did not force FB to spend on assets, instead we allowed it to allocate spend as it saw fit. In essence, we see that a lack of spend on an asset is an indication that it is not a winning ad unit.

2. Shift from target audience to broad audience testing
  • Marine Layer has over a decade of pixel data, which means that Meta has a deep understanding of the ideal Marine Layer customer. As such, we shifted our focus from target audience to broad audience testing. By not focusing on building a prospecting audience, we were able to turn our attention to creative and concept ideation. This helped avoid excessive manipulation within the Meta platform.

  • This also afforded us to have the more consolidated structure referenced in component #1

3. Implement Advantage+ shopping campaigns
  • We swiftly introduced Meta's Advantage+ shopping campaigns, integrating them into the account structure. Notably, we deviated from the “recommended” approach of allocating a portion of spend to existing customer cohorts. Instead, HYPE10’s point of view is to not allocate spend to existing customer cohorts, but direct paid media dollars towards incremental avenues for more favorable NCA costs.

4. Ideate ad format concepts through collaborating with Marine Layer
  • The Marine Layer and HYPE10 teams meet monthly for a comprehensive debrief, analyzing the performance of ad units from the previous period + previous year. By leveraging past successes, these sessions inform the development of strategies for the upcoming month and generate innovative concepts for new ads. This collaborative effort has resulted in substantial improvements in click-through rates (CTR) and has fostered a proactive, data-driven approach to optimizing campaigns.



The collaboration between Marine Layer and HYPE10 has yielded improvements in NCA, all while ramping up spend in-platform. Marine Layer is a great partner and we look forward to the future together!

Renee Halvorsen
CMO, Marine Layer

“We love our partnership with the HYPE10 squad. They feel like an extension of our in-house team and we trust that they are solving for Marine Layer specific KPIs around the clock.
More than any of our other agency partners, it feels like their interests are truly aligned with ours. They’ve quickly embedded themselves in our business and devise plans that are specific to our seasonality, creative and product assortment. It’s their attention to detail, collaborative partnership and commitment to efficiency that month of month delivers incredible results. Keep it up HYPE10 team!” 


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