How Ten Thousand Increased New Customer Acquisition by 50%



increase in New Customer Acquisition (NCA)


change in Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)


Increase in Meta Spend

Brand Story

Ten Thousand aspires to design and develop athletic clothing worthy of the world's top performers. Their product line focuses on purposeful design, ensuring that every piece of clothing is meticulously crafted to deliver enduring performance. Through rigorous quality testing, Ten Thousand guarantees that their athletic gear is ready for any challenge, enabling their users to train at their peak capacity.

The Situation

Prior to working with HYPE10, Ten Thousand had already established themselves as an industry leader in the athletic apparel space. To continue building upon their momentum, they set aggressive new customer acquisition goals and were seeking a partner that could help reach them. Enter HYPE10.


Upon kicking off the partnership, we focused on 3 main areas:

1. Optimize acquisition channels
  • We recommended shifting more focus to DTC platforms such as Meta, TikTok, and Google.

  • This strategic reallocation of resources resulted in substantial success. We maintained CAC around $70, all while increasing monthly new customer acquisition by 50%.

2. Revamp Creative Testing Framework
  • Our team partners with Ten Thousand’s Creative team to conduct weekly creative sprints.

  • As part of this, we sift through high performing creative assets across the apparel landscape and share with the team. Favorites are compiled into a dashboard on Foreplay so we can quickly review assets across the industry. These sessions serve as means to ideate on creative concepts and ensure we stay ahead of the curve.

  • Creative ideation formed through these sessions quickly turns into output. Upon receiving new creative assets, we thoroughly test and optimize before scaling. We partner with Motion, a creative performance analytics tool, to quickly identify high performing creatives. Implementing this iterative testing process has helped us achieve 20% increase in click-through rates and a 25% decrease in cost per traffic.

3. Identify unique audience cohorts
  • Based on analyzing consumer behavior and existing Ten Thousand data, we identified that there were materially different consumption preferences across Ten Thousand’s customer base.

  • Essentially, we were able to create very specific customer cohorts, which were mainly differentiated by preferences in shorts.

  • With overall account efficiency in mind, we curated both our audience strategy and creatives in order to better speak to these cohorts. By making our advertising efforts more personalized to these unique audience cohorts, we saw an increase in conversion rate by 21%

  • In addition, we also found that diversifying our audience strategy and product mix allowed for better stabilization of revenue, with a wider range of SKUs being promoted.



Ten Thousand and HYPE10 have formed a formidable partnership and both groups look forward to continued success down the road!

Jason Nickel
SVP of Marketing, Ten Thousand

"HYPE10's been an incredible partner and not just at winning on Meta. They're the rare agency that you can count on for performance, strategy, and catching the Facebook Sunday morning outage on Sunday morning."


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