April 19, 2023

HYPEmarketer Interview 3: Triple Whale


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Interview #: 3

Interviewee: Jake Singer, Partnerships @ Triple Whale


Can you share more about your background and path to Triple Whale?

My route is pretty unique. I received my culinary arts degree but pivoted to go into sales. I stumbled into an opportunity at a Shopify brand doing affiliate marketing and operational work.

In this role, I quickly started hearing about Triple Whale. Maxx, the Triple Whale co-founder, actually shared the platform with our brand (and a ton of other ecommerce brand founders). 

From the beginning, I realized how awesome of a tool it was. I was using it every day, had it on my phone, just constantly using it. 

After talking with Maxx and working in the tool itself, I decided to join the Triple Whale team as their first hire. My first 3 months were obviously very learning focused. Reading everything I could, fully immersing myself in the space.

My role covered customer success, sales + partnerships, and everything in between. Working with ecommerce brands, agencies, and demoing the tool is really how I’ve come to know the ecommerce space. Learning on the fly.  

Fast forward two years later, now I lead the East Coast Agency Partnerships team and am the longest tenured employee. We’re at 140 employees now!

Can you share one of your favorite Triple Whale success stories?

Fun story here. We work with a brand called Portland Leather Goods. Awesome brand. They make customized leather purses.

In-platform Facebook data was saying that an ad was performing below their target revenue goal, while Triple Whale was saying that it was surpassing their goal. 

So they put our data to the test. They took a large amount of their budget, and put it into the campaign that Triple Whale signaled as the high performer. 

The result? That single campaign generated $5 million in revenue over 30 days. I love this story because it highlights the growth that brands can achieve while using Triple Whale’s data as the source of truth.

What makes Triple Whale appealing to ecommerce businesses?

Triple Whale is centered around data visualization, attribution, and ad creation with an emphasis on AI. Our mission is to make it super simple and easy for marketers and business owners to make better decisions that drive predictable, profitable growth. What makes our platform unique is our ability to constantly & continuously push out feature updates that are requested by customer & partners to make deciphering their data easy yet actionable,

What does the future entail for TripleWhale?

Well, we just launched Lighthouse. Lighthouse has been a culmination of the last two years of products - and helps business owners run their business more proactively using AI. 

Additionally, we recently launched Willy, an AI ecommerce assistant within our platform. Essentially, we created this to make deciphering your brand’s data a bit easier. 

Willy is preloaded with questions like “What was my average ROAS over the past 14 days? or What is my best-selling product over the last 30 days?” allowing businesses to get clear, quick answers. 

We are looking to expand to other platforms outside of Shopify in the very near future, and then ultimately outside of Ecommerce as well.

From your vantage point, what do you think is key for ecommerce brands to achieve growth?

I’d say a key factor is having the right tech stack. Making sure that you’re still profitable as a company with the right tools… while not overcrowding that stack. For example, you don’t need multiple different data attribution tools, which could lead to analysis by paralysis. Finding the right tool to serve as your single source of truth is critical.

Also having the right partners in place... having the right digital marketing partner today is more important than ever.

As a business owner, you can only do so much and you have to be comfortable with delegation. You need to have someone that has your back, knows your brand, and can deploy without emotion.

How has HYPE10 been as a partner for Triple Whale?

HYPE10 is one of our top platinum partners. I love working with Max and the team. 

I remember when HYPE10 was a small 2-person team! Seeing their growth into a large agency that partners with big-time clients like Marine Layer has been awesome to see. 

It's been nothing short of a pleasure to work with HYPE10 - they’re definitely one of my favorite partners here at Triple Whale.

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